Jean Maxime Relange

Mr. Jean Relange in 1969 founded the “Académie de Port Royal – Peinture et Dessin – Paris”. His teaching philosophy is “to draw what you see”. He is a principal and teacher for over 40 years in this academy, preparation of textbooks: “From inspiration to the drawing”. Works have been collected by the French Ministry of Culture, the French Ministry of Finance, Paris City Hall, Ford France and other collectibles; City of London “Prince Park,” ordered his 500 copies. He has won Award in France Julian, Ford Award, National Foundation Award, and repeatedly won Taylor Foundation Award, French Ministry of Culture highest literary arts Award.

Mr. Relange was invited to join Canadian International artists Jury 2015. He is the co-founder of French Drawing GROUP 109; He served as President of “Drawing and Watercolour Salon” Association for nine consecutive years, and hosted “Art en Capital Salons of the Grand Palais” Paris, France.




August 16, 2014