Chongshan Hou

His works won awards and prizes at Pingyao International Photography Festival, the Chinese Photography Yearbook Contest, China Photography Publishing & Reading Contest, 2015 Casio Charming China Photography Contest, China Photography Press, 13th Shanghai International Photography Festival, Popular Photography, APA International Exhibition of Photography, Europe Photography Contest, New Zealand Asia Pacific Photography Contest, Indian International Photography Contest, and so forth.

His works have been collected by many famous domestic and international collectors, such as M. Antonovich, former country magistrate in California; Judy May Chu, U.S. congresswoman; Lawrence David Foldes, member of the Academy Awards Executive Committee; former Eureka.sire president, playwright, and producer; Julia Bry, singer; James Torme, famous modern jazz singer and artist.

In 2018, he won Environmental Protection Concert Contribution Award from the Rothschild family.

In 2019 he won Natural Images Protection Contribution Award from World Distinguished Women Cooperation & Development Forum in France.

Member of Eureka Global Art Inc.
Member of China Photographers Association
Member of American Photographers Association (APA)
Member of Images Copyright Society of China
Member of Anhui Photographers Association
Contributing photographer of China Wildlife Conservation Association
Contributing photographer of Hoh Xil Wildlife Conservation Association




November 13, 2020