Pamela McDermott

I will use anything from basting brushes to sandpaper to lay down stone paint, ink and acrylic on canvas.

Kings and Queens Gallery Lounge Hamilton Canada: I was in four exhibitions with multiple pieces in each. “Her style is intriguing, her use of colour is bold, her artistic expression is captivating” (Senior curator in Canada and Owner, Anna-Marie Hartley, Kings and Queens Gallery Lounge).

This year is my busy and successful year. First of all, I am honored to be a member of Eureka Global Art Inc.(EGA), and invited to join the Canadian artist delegation; Curated 3 pieces for The Grand Palais des Champs Elysées du Paris, France for “Art Capital” Exhibition in Feb. 2018 and “Silence” for their International Catalogue.

EGA have invited me to show in Guangzhou, Zhejiang and Hong Kong, China, November.




December 24, 2017