About Us

EGA is an international art and culture organization established in 1987
Our Mission!
Our mission is simple. It's about promotion, opportunity and exposure.

We are committed to promoting our artists, whether emerging or established, nationally and/or internationally. We offer our artists the opportunity to get exposure to art shows, collectors, galleries and museums by participating in our art exhibits and/or cultural exchange programs.

Who we are?

Eureka Global Art is a membership organization committed to promoting genuine talent in the artistic world, whether emerging or established. We are headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Why us?

Eureka Global Art (EGA) is an international art and culture organization, promoting creativity since 1987. We have unique relationships and access to collectors, galleries and museums based on our experience and respect in the art world. We offer our artists the opportunity to participate in our art exhibitions (locally or worldwide) and/or culture exchange programs.

Our goals is to expose your artwork and to connect you to art collectors, art galleries, museums, cultural enterprises and other artists. Thus exposing your artwork to a crowd, platform and/or country you normally would not have access to.

What we do?

We provide our artists with opportunities to exhibit nationally and internationally. We can facilitate cultural exchange programs.

In addition to furthering the careers of our artists, EGA also helps other companies with their projects in the fields of art and culture.

Please contact us for further details on our scope of projects and competencies.

How we work?

Members have the opportunity to participate in shows in Canada, the United States as well as globally. EGA is accepted for booth space in prestigious art fairs world wide. Our artists are able to apply to join these exhibits. EGA helps each member artist develop their reputation.

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