Fariba Dian

For over a decade, Iranian-Canadian artist Fariba has worked with fabric to create portraits.

Born in Rafsanjan, and raised in Tehran, Iran, Fariba was introduced to sewing at the tender age of five. This is where her love for fabric grew. Naturally gifted with artistic talent and a keen sense for colours, Fariba worked in fashion design while exploring painting, sculpting and various other artistic mediums. This ultimately led her to study architecture.

In 1997, Fariba received a commission to create still life paintings. She took this opportunity to challenge herself. Instead of using paint she used pieces of fabric she had collected over the years. Since then, Fariba has honed her skills to create fabric collages. Later she used this medium to picture women’s beauty and express her feelings and her personal philosophy of inner strength and freedom which lies within each of us.

Growing up as a liberal open-minded individual living in a culture of rule restraints, Fariba uses her art to empower and enlighten others.
Her work is displayed in various galleries around the world: Italy, China, France, Iran, Canada.

Fariba currently resides in Toronto, ON, where she continues her architecture and interior design practice while continuing to create fabric portraits capturing the beauty of her subjects in their daily lives.




July 12, 2016