Alain Francoeur

Alain Francoeur was born in Shawinigan.

The multidisciplinary and anti-conformist artist, Alain Francoeur, returns to the art scene after many years away from it.

Self-taught, he never ceased to create and evolve. Steering clear of conventions and trends, he follow his own path.

Master of drawing and colors; he works in abstraction as much as in portraiture. His imagination is limitless. He interprets his characters, dresses, styles and decorates them. In abstraction, his paintings overflow with signs, symbols and colors in a stupefying, and sometimes troubling harmony.

He also expresses himself by writing, furniture, photography…

His digital art is well received on Instagram, where he imposes himself as a trailblazer of a new way to approach art.




November 5, 2017