Eva Lewarne and Paul Brandejs’ Show

Toronto, Canada

Eva Lewarne and Paul Brandejs’ Show

Eva Lewarne and Paul Brandejs’ dual exposition.

Eva Lewarne has won many art awards among them is the Grand Prix Medal in a Painting Festival in Avignon, France. Her art was shown at the Grand Palais in Paris and she has had exhibitions worldwide. And in 2016 she received an AWARD OF EXCELLENCE from Manhattan Arts International.

Paul Brandejs is renown for the uniqueness and depth of expression of his abstract works with acrylic and photography on sculpted canvases. Audiences and collectors of Paul Brandejs’ works remark on the distinctive way he is able to isolate the intangible beauty, delicacy and power that co-exist in nature. His art is stretched across sculpted canvas, which bring an inimitable movement to each piece. Each shape is designed to draw the viewer into and through the art.


June 27, 2015