What we do

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Art Interaction

We are professional in the following areas: art transmission, organizing matches, performances and exhibitions, project programming, organizing and consulting, advertising of large performances and management of theaters and studios.

Show Platform

We have good relationships and cooperation with many world famous art organizations, media, art galleries, museums, cultural enterprises, art troupes, and artists. We can directly, efficiently provide services in advertising products and culture for enterprises.

Art Exchange

We have organized many large cultural exchange projects for the Canadian government to promote communication and artistic interchange between Canada and other countries. We use modem marketing strategy to introduce Chinese culture to the world, promote the development of world culture and compete in the world art and culture market.

What we do ?
We provide cultural communication opportunities

We not only provide the opportunities for multi-national and intercity artistic and cultural communication, but we also bring artistic and cultural elements to the public. We do out best to bring more passion to the cooperators and participants in efficient communication ad exchange.

Our Vision !
1.Be Clear!

It helps us to know more about the value of each client’s beliefs and goals.
It helps us to find the most efficient means of transmission.
It helps us to have the energy to create new ways to show the values to the public.

2.Be Present!

It helps deliver the most valuable exchanges and conversations.
It helps us to provide services with the highest quality.
It makes us communicate more efficiently and directly.

3.Be in!

Definite and systematical marketing strategy makes the relation between brand and selling work together.

Create newer and more advanced products so as to adapt to the trend of products expansion.

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